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Author:  -raffie- [ Wed Oct 25, 2017 7:50 am ]
Post subject:  Re: PX Team17 3.2t

Seriously though, these completely custom made PX schemes are a rare treat and I have nothing but respect for people work together to make things like this work. These schemes are why I love PX and they keep WA fresh. Thanks to everyone who I know put a lot of effort into this, I love that there's another new entry in the series of custom schemes like Specialists, Mole Forts, Golf, KTK, Holy War,... and now Team17! :)

Author:  buxnaman [ Wed Oct 25, 2017 6:28 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: PX Team17 3.2t


I must admit I was over the line with the trolling, it wasn't cool at all. Scheme review was honest, though.

I really liked what m4d-c4t did there, especially because I witnessed it all the way through. He managed to make it almost exactly as he envisioned it, despite knowing nothing about PX at the time. I did try and help and teach, like Ted did for me many times, but all of the gameplay decisions and A LOT of time and hard work came from m4d-c4t. I like the gameplay, possibly because I like the original Team 17 we played before discovering PX. As I said, I do consider some weapons overpowered, but I also don't like killing friendlies for tactical reasons in Highlander and disable the weapon award. Yeah, well, that's just, like, my opinion, man. :lol:

P.s. (I just had to :twisted:) Mam1na, MySelfOnLSD and I combined, don't have a tenth of m4d-c4t's Worms experience, yet we all kick his ass regularly which is just sad.

Author:  m4d-c4t [ Wed Oct 25, 2017 10:49 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: PX Team17 3.2t

tyvm :) you've got it man, the beauty of PX is that it (thanks to PXS editor) allows us, not only to make new weapons and schemes, but also to get over gameplay formalities and make it much more interesting...we had Rubber before PX and still have it, but i dont think it changed Worms as much as PX, except bringing us couple of big changes such as Shooting doesn't end turn together with spawning more crates at once (which is btw very interesting combination), because not only that we can embed it into a scheme, but we could use countless possibilities of coding, especially if we know the language. And don't forget to mention Highlander schemes, prolly the most fun of all, great work to implement beautiful idea of weapon stealing, and the best example of selfless and spontanious team work.
tu2 but the last thing you said...sucha terrible statement...

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