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Author:  Zed [ Thu Dec 29, 2011 11:16 am ]
Post subject:  Team Fortress

I've made a tf-like mod for WA.
Team Fortress

20 sec each turn
50 min round timelimit
Destructable map with random barrel placement
1 team vs 1 team (standart).
You can also play 1v1v1 or 1v1v1v1 etc but it needs modified maps (more SpawnPoints).
4 worms each team
Each worm 100 hp max
Each worm has a class. Classes selected automatically at the beginning of the game. Each worm has weapons according to his class.

Classes Abilities and Weapons:
FirePunch - standart
Select Worm - inf (all weapons are infinite)

Uzi - Max damage 42
Friendly Mine - standart, but team-sensitive
Parachute - he is the only paratrooper in the team :P
Passive - Healing Aura - its healing teammates around Captain, for 10 hp at the beginning of the turns of his team.
Passive - VIP - if Captain dies, your team will lose..

Bazooka - standart
Grenade - standart
MedPack - healing 25 hp for himself.

Sniper Rifle - 1 shot, 50 dmg, 100% accurate
Aim on reaction - special ability. When Sniper uses it, he is aiming after turn end, trying to catch an enemy. If the enemy will cross invisible line of Sniper's sight, Sniper will make 1 shot at him. The shot is dealing (40 - speed of the target) dmg.
Passive - Laser Sight - provides sniper with excellent precision.

Magnum - 3 shots, 12 dmg each.
TeleNade - teleports Engi at the position of exploding TeleNade.
Construct JumpPad (Cost 2 Metal) - Engineer makes a JumpPad, which has 15 hp and increases worm's jump's speed by 70% if the worm is jumping above it. Doesnt end turn.
Construct HoverPad (Cost 2 Metal) - Engineer makes a HoverPad, which has 15 hp and flying in the air. Doesnt end turn.
Construct Sentry (Cost 6 Metal) - Engineer makes a Sentry with 40 hp and 25 dmg per shot. Delay before each shot is 1 second. Please tell me if it's spread is too much.
Construct Disruptor (Cost 4 Metal) - Engineer makes a Image Disruptor with 20 hp, which stops and destroys all enemy projectiles around itself. Can work for 5 turns of the it's team (not including 1st turn).

About the Metal system:
Each team will get 10 metal at the start. Metal is resourse used by Engineer to build stuff.
You can see number of the metal in the weapon table (for each class). Metal is updating at the start and the end of the turns.
You cant waste metal directly - even if the number in the weapon table will decrease, after updating it will be the same.
If you havent enough metal to build, your worm will just skip his turn.

For MapEditor, ive added MetalSpawnPoints, which will drop Metal Boxes, which can be taken by each worm. Every Metal Box contains 2 metal.
Metal box will respawn after 5 turns after being taken.

All files in attach (2 libs, pxscheme and maps).
Maps - there are four maps, ill be glad if u make more.
Post ur suggestions, bugs and replays pls.

Known bugs:
1) Sometimes worms has more than 100 hp. Its a bug of the label, the worm has 100 hp in real. It will be fixed after the worm gets damage.

2) Dont use select worm (dont press tab) if ur weapon table is open..

3) If you fell on the object, built by Engineer and stuck wait 8 seconds, antiglitch will work.
☻29.12.11 - Added HoverPad for Engi... Fixed HoverPad bug
☻30.12.11 - Fixed Sniper's Aim on reaction animation. Made it working until he moved or got hit.
☻31.12.11 - Fixed Sniper's Aim on reaction again (i hope). Fixed falling on pads glitch (after 8 seconds glitched worms are free).
☻01.01.12 - 50 min timelimit, MedPack is healing 25 hp now. Some minor fixes.
☻02.01.12 - Added Sentry Turret, added Metal system for Engineer, added metal spawnpoints, some fixes.
☻02.01.12 - Added Disruptor, some sounds, made Sniper Rifle without spread, made Pads with sdet, made 20 seconds turn time.
☻02.01.12 - Added new map by me, called Underground. This is 1st almost symmetric and underground map for this gamemode.
☻03.01.12 - Moved Metal Boxes, now there are two of them in the middle of the map. Made Sentry shooting at selected worm only.
☻03.01.12 - Fixed Sniper's Aim on reaction glitch, when the game freezes after he got hit but didnt move.
☻03.01.12 - Added new map by me, called Storage. There are two symmetric bases and big storage in the middle.
☻03.01.12 - Added new map by me, called Chaos_vs_Order. Totally chaotic, gigantic map, but themed as Police vs Criminals.
☻04.01.12 - After hundred hours of work and debugging i've optimized the mod.
☻04.01.12 - Added cool permanent Laser Sight to Sniper.
☻05.01.12 - Minor things. Aim on reaction now on F2 instead of F3.
☻05.01.12 - All buildings now cant be moved by worms directly (by jumping). Also added to them friction.
☻06.01.12 - Removed chat notifications on heal. Added Antiblock on all buildings (except hoverpad). Now, if youre under the building and stuck, try to jump.
☻03.02.12 - Fixed jumping bug with Aim on reaction.
☻06.02.12 - Now its possible to play 1v1v1 or 1v1v1v1v1v1. It needs modified maps (more spawnpoints and more delay for MetalBoxes).
Also added Delay option for MetalSpawnPoints (you can adjust it in the MapEditor). Default Delay is 5. Didnt tested this version much, so there might be bugs.
Also randomly fixed bug when u got double metal amount from 1 metal box.
☻21.02.12 - Added worklimit for Disruptor - no it cant work longer then 5 turns of its team. Added 1/2 seconds of delay for Sentry at the start of the turn (it works only during start of the turn).
☻03.05.20 - Fixed bugs and health labels. 03.05.2020

File comment: Check updatelog above for newer version
TF2.rar [2.11 MiB]
Downloaded 970 times

Author:  Zed [ Thu Dec 29, 2011 12:55 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Team Fortress

Me vs myself. Thats was close :)
Note that replay will replace TF lib after you watch it.

tfreplay.rar [571.05 KiB]
Downloaded 535 times

Author:  oinky [ Fri Dec 30, 2011 2:00 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Team Fortress

Engineer without sentry - blasphemy! :lol:
But anyway it's a very nice mix of Specialist Worms and Kill the VIP. I like how most mobile worm of the team is also most vulnerable.
Just one quick improvement, maybe you should add worm selecting before turn (like in Team17). It would make things quicker and more convenient, instead of reaching for F12 every time.

Author:  Zed [ Fri Dec 30, 2011 6:23 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Team Fortress

Select Worm option at the start is kinda buggy right now, ill try to make it asap.
For turret, i dont want to use Sentry made by Kilburn, coz its kinda overpowered :D Ill try to make nerfed version

Author:  DumbBongChow [ Sat Dec 31, 2011 8:22 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Team Fortress

I've tried number of games with oinky, and this game turn out be remarkably strategic. Very well done with this one, and it's not largely about killing worms anymore like so many other battle schemes which is great. I'm not sure if it's switch worm at start of turns is what that caused problem with each specialized worms having wrong weapon set on the weapon table, but it seems that way. It would be awesome if oinky and I can help polish this scheme. Anyways, keep up with the excellent work Zed as this scheme definitely deserves quite a attention.

As for the scheme, here's what I have to say:

I think soldier seems to be little too powerful by itself. They get healed quite a bit of hp with Medpack while having excessive offensive versatility. Grenade and bazooka makes this game too much of an artillery game. Maybe you should reduce healing ability to 20-25, and reduce Bazooka and Grenade damage. Note that good number of ppl don't like weapon power change on default weapon, so we can buff up Worm health and other custom weapon damages instead.) Compared to Sniper, he seems much more important and useful currently.

I think sniper is a very powerful offensive unit, but that's generally much more possible in the close range, meaning it doesn't live up with the actual real sniper. The hard part is how to make sniper more versatile because I can't think of much weapon to add to help him.

As for Engineer, he's a very versatile and useful unit, but I think having (maybe 20dmg) sentry gun could make this scheme more interesting. Telenade is bit matter of question because that really turn him into a Ninja as well.

The Captain seems to be fine as it is.

Btw, I don't get how hover pad works. It just don't do anything if I tried to use it.

Author:  DumbBongChow [ Sat Dec 31, 2011 8:58 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Team Fortress

As for the most obvious one. I believe the scheme clearly needs to have 20-30 min sudden death limit instead of 10. Ending at middle of game is quite unpleasant, and having more hp in one team doesn't mean they are going to win especially at 10 minute mark. Sudden death game should be only used to stop extremely stale game, and 10 minute is far too early to consider as the game have become stale.

Obvious Example:

Team One:

45 HP Captain
25 HP Soldier
25 HP Engineer
5 HP Sniper
(Having Territorial Advantage as well.)

Team Two:
1 HP Captain
100 HP Sniper

(And 10 minutes passed, and team two wins. XD)

Author:  Zed [ Sun Jan 01, 2012 10:28 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Team Fortress

Thx for feedback!
I agree with most suggestions. 10 minutes is too short time for this scheme, ill increase it to 40-60 minutes.
About classes - Soldier is ment to be most powerful class on the field, though his weapons can rly turn the scheme into bng. I can make anti-bng building for engineer (pretty much magnet) to counter this. Maybe ill increase the hp of the worms.

Sniper will be much more useful for long-range combat in good maps, with high buildings on each side of the map.

Ill make sentry for engineer and also add some limits to his building power (probably metal resourse, similar to tf game).

Can you pls post some replays, so i can get more info for myself?

HoverPad is just platform flying in the air, allowing you to make bridges. If it didnt work, you probably placed it in the landscape. Try to use it in jump.

Author:  DumbBongChow [ Mon Jan 02, 2012 12:53 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Team Fortress

My man! You really know how to think right while being very dedicated on this special project. Surely you really know what you're doing, very likely even more than us two. Magnet is a much better, simpler idea than raising hp and damage of some weapons as it can easily make the game more dynamic as well. I think having 2-4 Medal would do.

I believe 50 min time limit is no problem as that will make the game definitely more refined than 20-30 minute. I was never a big fan of long games, but I think it's best to have sudden death around that time.

1. One another interesting idea is to make Captain a finesse, frail unit by having fast walk working only exclusively on him. It probably requires script and/or lib for this more limited version of fast walk. This will help Captain be more offensive and defensive while creating new risky strategy as well.

2. I noticed that this game uses big map while being strategic. Turn Time of 15 seems to be too short to most people. The game kind of feels like Quickdraw or Hysteria which is not a good sign for a strategic game. So, I think having 20 turn time or more is needed which ease many newcomers of this game. I found it very difficult to make good decision only in 15 second.

3. I think it's better to have Sniper a 100% accuracy with his Sniper weapon. Aiming at long range is already hard enough, and the shot that suppose to be hit could end up with a full blown miss due to 99% accuracy in dead long range. Why would anybody want to shoot directly at long range if it's not perfectly accurate that is already dead hard to do, meaning people would far prefer to use Soldier as a long range offense. So, a great way further compensate long range problem from Sniper is by making a improved version of laser sight which aim dots are further extended to help aim longer range. It could cause bigger problem for people who hate having laser sight to begin with, but it's essential for this scheme I believe. We could make limited laser sight ammo like 1-3 to soften up it's usefulness. The question is how long of dot should we make with laser sight though to make proper game balance which require game testings.

4. Lastly, I have some thought of some Weapons becoming sdet. Probably the most ideal ones are Engineer's Weapons, and that probably requires number of game testings to know whether it's better with PX sdet or not. It's probably good idea to have the those two pads to have sdet at least which doesn't disrupt balance of the game due to metal system. OKAY!!! I hope that helped quite a bit Zed.


Pretty Much after This Request
Captain: Scout + Medic combo pretty much.
Soldier: Soldier + Heavy + Sniper(Yea I'm Serious :D)
Engineer: Wickedly Versatile Engineer
Sniper: Pseudo-Sniper for now. XD

Author:  Zed [ Mon Jan 02, 2012 12:41 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Team Fortress

1 - well i dont know how to do that. But Entuser should know :D
3 - Ill try to do improved laser sight
2,4 - ok

And post some replays plz, i need more info... And i need to watch something while im eating too :D

Author:  DumbBongChow [ Mon Jan 02, 2012 10:51 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Team Fortress

I understand you tried to make sentry different from Kilburn's, it's lot better idea to follow Kilburn's sentry mechanic to good extent. The current sentry is 2 useful, and putting right next to enemy worms will cause lot of game problems. The sentry hardly show any sign when it will attack, and it attacks non-moving worm next to sentry just by switching worm which makes it too good. Due to sentry, the game become far too defensive as campers can freely camp all they want with half decent positioning. My major suggestion to prevent further camping of this game is by letting that utility crate spawn only at middle of map.

As for another issue, I've noticed you didn't put anti-glitch. Because of that, the game froze at middle of the game. It may have to do something to do with Sniper and/or Sentry problem. You should either use anti-glitch or some similar custom lib to prevent game form stopping at middle of game.

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