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The Page Translated to Russian

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q: How can I make/play my own px schemes?
  • A: You can make your own schemes with the PX Schemes Editor. You can find a quick tutorial about non-scripted weapons here : Simple_Scheme_Editor_Tutorial.

  • Q: How can I play worms with px in windowed mode?
  • A: See here.

  • A: No you can't, it's still on the development stages. We will tell you when it's ready for everyone to play.

Possible problems

  • P: I have put every file on the right place and px still doesn't work.
  • S: Double check that everything is where it needs to be. If still doesn´t work, make sure you have the newest version of worms and WormKit installed.

  • P: I've made a scheme, edited weapons but they're still not changed / bugged / crashing in the game
  • S: Uncheck "Allow WA scheme to tweak power" checkbox. It shouldn't be checked in schemes affecting weapons.

  • P : PX Updater is not working !
  • S : Remove version.dat (which is located in the same Directory) and retry.

  • P : Specific PXScheme says it cant find a lib, while lib is in Libs folder.
  • S : Remove all libs from Libs and put downloaded libs into it again.

.  : Usually all problems with this thing are because Network libs are all in lowercase, while required libs have uppercase letters.

.  : Even worse, if you do no remove libs from Libs, and extract the archive with replacing existing libs, the lettercase will not change, resulting in same error over and over.