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Entuser (Russian: Пенис) is the third son of Alex Boxs, titan of the Russian Penis Forest. He appears in the 47th chapter of the Book of Gay Penis Sex as the great creator of Project X. He was banished by his father due to his utter fear of Gay Orgies and lived as a lonesome programmer.

During his quest for the perfect Sausagefest
Jizzus walked into the forbidden Penis Forest
And Entuser was there, making his tea
"O mighty Entuser, may we have a Gay Orgy?
For my bottom is dry and my rod is flaccid"
"NO!", the giant tree man said, "Ur too stoopid!"
And as the wide screen behind him was beeping
The words "Have an erroR!" started appearing
And the display flashed and faded to black
Jizzus felt the rage build up and turned back
But it was too late, for a wide, rough wooden stick
Almost organic-like, was lodged behind his dick

Book of Gay Penis Sex 633-644

Artist's rendition of Entuser being forced to participate in a Gay Orgy.