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There are "obstacles" rope races... well, we place objects or traps on using PX Map Editor..
After downloading, only put the map on SavedLevels folder and select it then the script will be loaded because it's attached on the map

Sample Rope race

Download link :Media:Scriptss.png

Big Rope Race

Download link :Media:Ssmap3.png

Beggining mine : instant mines (likes 0,2 seconds) and always reappear after explosion at the same place(in the next turn).
White walls : there are "death walls". when you touch them, they explode so you lose your turn.
High Gravity : the worm is heavier, and if you fail you'll enjoy a death wall. It also uses ForceY.
Checkpoint : when you go to this place, you got new useable worm with 100 Health Point.
Mines Turret : this wicked one launches instant mines and tries to kill you.
Right ForceX : you will have more difficulties to move on left direction.
Bazooka Launcher : it tries to kill you launching bazooka's missiles.
Mines room : this room is very annoying, there are suspended instant mines and turret. You should move quickly trough this turret. Also, the mines reappear avec explosion.
Particles + high gravity : you don't correctly see your worm and try to go at top, with high gravity.
Bad sphere : don't even try, it's almost impossible.

Jump Race

Download link : [[1]] (can someone please upload this to the wiki?)