Simple Scheme Editor Tutorial

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Setting Up

First things first: you need to create a new scheme file. Open the Scheme Editor (it's located at Editors folder), and you'll be greeted by this:
Scheme editor main screen.png

What you want to do is go to File -> Open, and then open the default.pxs scheme in the PXSchemes folder.
Scheme editor open.png

Then, go to File -> Save As... and save a new version. In this example, I used "melon.pxs".


Looking back at our main screen, we can see that we have the option to edit the Weapons Table. We could, in fact, make a new weapons table (and therefore double the amount of weapons we could use in the game), but since we are only going to edit one weapon, there isn't much point. Push the Edit button, and we move to the Weapons Table screen:

Scheme editor weapon table.png

Here we can select a weapon (in this case, Bazooka) and look at all its lovely settings. There's plenty to fiddle around with here, but we're just going to change the name:

Scheme editor name change.png

Next, we can see that the Activation is by Crosshair, which means that we shoot the weapon by aiming with a crosshair. There are other things like Throw, Airstrike, and Spacebar. Weapon Type is Launcher, which means that the weapon launches another object, as opposed to being a Gun (like the Shotgun) or a Flamethrower.

We're going to click on the Launcher... button, and this brings us to the Launcher Parameters Window:

Scheme editor parameters.png

This is where we can change the way the intial projectile works. We can tell it to bounce, to explode (or explode into clusters or fire), home in, fly around like a supersheep, dig... all kinds of things! For now though, we are just going to change the Wind Affect Power (which is a percentage of how much the wind affects the projectile) and the Randomness Motion which affects how randomly the projectile moves as it follows its flight path.

Scheme editor parameters edit.png

If we click on the EXPLOSION button (or the other buttons) we can edit those aspects of the weapon. The BOUNCE button will allow us to configure if the weapon bounces and how many bounces it does - it also acts as a method for exploding on collision, and allows you to set just what it collides with. You could make a homing missile that doesn't explode on land, and only explodes when it hits worms! We aren't going to change the EXPLOSION stuff though - a Bazooka explosion is just fine the way it is.

Scheme editor explosion params.png

Push the OK button in those windows, and the BACK button in the Weapons Table Window.

Scheme editor select scheme.png


Save your scheme, and select it ingame!

Scheme editor select weapon.png

Once you're in the game, select your shiny new weapon!

Scheme editor oops.png

Oops! Maybe a bit too random!