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 Post subject: RPG Wars
PostPosted: Wed Aug 03, 2016 10:02 am 

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I had a hard time testing it, but I'm gonna post it anyway, because all that's left to add is some nice graphics for some abilities (and more maps).

RPG Wars - Class based 1v1 scheme.

Story: Local king has decided to hire a band of adventurers to eliminate the enemy king. After the enemy king heard of it, he decided to do the same.

25timer, custom destructable maps (currently 2 maps made by me). Spawn in the rooms with throne.
SWAT is ON. Press TAB to Switch worms any time.
5 worms each team. Kill enemy king to win the game.

All Classes
Kick - Weapon - creates a small hole in the ground. Deals no damage.

King - 150 Max Hp
Longsword - Weapon - 50 damage
Employer - Passive - Team loses once King is dead

Knight - 125 Max Hp
Battle Axe - Weapon - 60 Damage, destroys landscape in front
Armor - Passive - 5 damage reduction per attack
Heavyweight - Passive - More affected by gravity.
Siege Ladder - Weapon - Creates Siege Ladder object that all worms can use to climb (arrow keys). Only 1 can exist per knight (old one gets removed).

Ranger - 100 Max Hp
Longbow - Weapon - 25 Damage, 2 shots.
Agile - Passive - Air Control while in the air (arrow keys).
Lightweight - Passive - Less affected by gravity.
Sprint - Passive - Walking speed is doubled.

Mage - 75 Max Hp
Concentrate - Weapon - Adds Spells to the weapon list, decreases remaining turn timer by 5 seconds.
Fireball Spell - Spell - 50 damage, variable power, ranged attack spell.
Healing Spell - Spell - shoots healing ball, fixed power, +40HP, target adjacent surfaces to heal self. Non-AOE. Can't heal over max hp.
Dimensional Door - Spell - teleportation spell, allows teleportation within direct line of sight. Medium range.

Rogue - 100 Max Hp
Dagger - Weapon - 25 damage.
Climb - Utility - allows climbing upon walls or ceilings. Does not end turn. Worm should face wall he wants to climb.
Sneak - Passive - permanent invisibility, unless enemy worms can see him: facing him and direct line of sight exists between spotter and rogue.
Backstab - Passive - rogue deals triple damage (75) if he was not seen this turn.

Spritebuilder lib by Pyroman. Thx to Curtis for helping me with invisible arrows, sprites and with testing =)
Post suggestions and replays. I might add a video with gameplay demonstration. Find me on wormnet (AG) for a test game.
v34 - i got sick from climb failing me and made it impossible to bounce of objects while using it. Made outer walls for map 2 thinner.
v35 - fixed crashes when climbing and touching walls...

File comment: 35
rpgwars.7z [1.66 MiB]
Downloaded 172 times

Skype - verygooder1
ICQ - 420622934
Steam -

use steam coz im too lazy to log into icq and skype
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