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Battle Arena scheme - ideas and development
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Author:  -raffie- [ Sat Feb 11, 2017 4:08 pm ]
Post subject:  Battle Arena scheme - ideas and development

Battle Arena

I've been thinking about this scheme for a while and so I thought it would be best to share my ideas for it here and see if I can get help materializing them. So I got the idea from the game "League of Legends" and think of the map kind of like a Forts map, split in 2 identical mirrored parts. Each team has a "Tower" on the map that has a certain amount of "health" and needs to be destroyed by the opponent team, once your Tower is fully destroyed, your worms will go into "Sudden Death" mode and have 1hp (with the ability to regain some health from crates or healthpack,...).

File comment: Super basic not thought-through layout of Battle Arena map.
Battle Arena layout.jpg
Battle Arena layout.jpg [ 92.79 KiB | Viewed 4518 times ]

That is pretty much the basic idea, but for it to work there are a number of things the would be needed:

- The Towers would be objects placed in the map editor, the damage they take would be customizable. Different states of destruction would be displayed with different sprites, ie.: 10 sprites, 1 for each 10% dmg it takes. I also see fire animations appear for dramatic affect.
- Parts of the map being destructible, other parts indestructible. I haven't entirely figured out how the lay-out of the map would be, but the basic lay-out of the map should definitely be indistructible, while having other parts destructible greatly improves variety of the gameplay.
- "Doorways" or gates that are passable by one's own team, but not by the opposing team, as to not make it too easy to invade the opposing team's Fort (perhaps like the towers with customizable destructibility, so that it's not too easy to destroy them)
- Fiery Arrow: a weapon that resembles "Valyrian Fire" by rafa2, but shot with an Arrow, and so starts a fire where it makes contact with soil or Tower (without explosion). This could reduce the damage to the Tower gradually over time (like a sick worm), as long as the fire burns (I am thinking of a persistant fire, like the Super Petrol Bomb etc.).
- A weapon to put the fire out to protect one's Tower. I am thinking of a "Water Bucket" that works in the worms vicinity, or a "Water Balloon" that is throwable.
- Turrets/sentries are placed on the map as part of the map design.
- SWAT (Select Worm at Any Time).

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