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Cardmageddon (scheme based on card games)
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Author:  oinky [ Mon Oct 16, 2017 10:49 am ]
Post subject:  Cardmageddon (scheme based on card games)

Big thanks to Steps, Twicken and especially Zed for all his great schemes that never cease to inspire me. Special thanks go to STRGRN and TheMadCharles for their contributions to the scheme.


Big inspiration for this scheme were collectible card games (Hearthstone, Duelyst, PoxNora) which I tried to emulate in Worms.

Maps: Randomly generated island maps.
Number of worms: 1 worm for each player Place on opposite sides of the map.
Number of players: 1vs1.

The Goal:
Each players has 1 worm (King) which they place on opposite sides of the map. The goal is to kill enemy King.

Cards and Mana:
Players draw a deck of 30 weapons. Weapons are drawn randomly at the beginning of each turn. Each turn player gets 5 mana points which can be spent on using weapons. Unused mana is left for the next turn. When player runs out of cards (weapons to draw), fatigue starts and their King takes damage every turn whenever card should have been drawn.

Worms and Action Points:
Some cards are worms which can be placed on the map as minions. Each type of worm has personal weapons in the utility row. SWAT is on. Worms use action points to move and use personal weapons. Each worm has 2 action points (AP). Worms who are freshly spawned can't move or attack until the next turn (with the exception of Haste Worm). Worms are anchored and they must use teleport to move around. Teleport costs 1AP. Weapons that use mana don't consume AP.

I tried to make this as close to a card game as possible while still retaining Worms gameplay. Card games are notoriously hard to balance, so if you find that some weapons are overpowered or if some weapon combinations are broken, please write them here.

Have fun and believe in the heart of the cards!

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Author:  Pablo [ Fri Oct 20, 2017 8:58 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Cardmageddon (scheme based on card games)

Thanks for this, good work!

PS. I liked the no-AP version better.

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