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Author:  Curtis [ Sun Aug 12, 2012 9:36 am ]
Post subject:  CWeps


Super Worm:
I made this for Lucho a while back but included a polished version
with updated col_mask settings and underwater flying. Collisions can only
occur now during flight mode.

Upgraded to "Wildfire-Bolt" which ejects "the substance"
from "r2_valyrianfire" library.



Increased explosion push power.
Homing Mortar:
Less time before homing.
Stone Blaster:
Now fires all 20 stones in one shot.
Creates small landscape "indentations" when bouncing.
Now uses "SlingShot" as required Wep in PXS.
Cloud Buster (Precipitator):
Now fused + fires all 18 clouds in one shot.
No longer requires "Exp Rain" in PXS wep slot.

Applied Pyro's "Real Shotgun" method of multiplying
bullet projectiles to the following weps. Small Dmg/Ammo
tweaks to equalize:

Burst Rifle (2)
Gatling Gun (2)
Hotchkiss (3)
Cloud Buster (18)
Stone Blaster (20)
Fire Orbs (3)
Ether Balloons (3)

Now uses "Ninja Star" as required Wep in PXS.
Slightly reduced fire power (flame amount).
Now digs landscape gradually instead of instantly.

Cluster Frag(s):
Better cluster dispersion.
Gravedigger (Bounce):
-bias to explosion forcing the wep downward.
Magic Slammer(s):
-1 Bounce, slightly less random.

slightly Wider cluster dispersion.

Creates small landscape "indentations" when bouncing.
Staff Of Jolting:
Now powered + emits a tazer shot upon impact.

Fire Orbs:
Now fires 3 projectiles in one shot and gradually
digs through landscape.
Ether Balloons:
Throw power applied, fires 3 balloons in one shot.
Petrol No longer stays between turns.
Girder Launcher:
Power applied.
Now fused and collides with landscape with exp.timer.
Thrown Dynamite:
Now explodes when at rest.

Battering Ram:
Pushes worms much more ferociously.
No longer herded, clusters explode with spacebar.

Gravler Strike:
No longer explodes during digging (Mole Squadron).

Damage Variation:
All clustlets now contain some reasonable damage variation
which quite nicely make the explosions feel less repetitive
and potentially overkill. Sweet setting.

Firing "Extension":
Implemented rafa's spawning/firing extension tweak. As
tempting as it was to apply this tweak to every wep,
"extending the barrel" too far causes some issues with
weps that emit clusters or bounce. Sprite builder area
of fix section below contains more info on this.

HL Schemes containing this portion of code in "wepfix"
will require tweaking as I'm pretty sure the spawn point
is "furthered" if code portion is also present in PXS.

Aiming Animations:
Lib wide aiming animations are now used internally and
contain virtually no remnant weapon artifacts. 640x480
illuminates many things previously unseen but once you
notice you can't not notice afterwards, at least i can't.
Pyros were fine but a sprite builder firing fix/workaround
is applied in this version of the lib that require the worm
aiming postures not be extended. More info below on this.
Tighter sprite builder hand/wep placements.

All weps now render beautiful pxparticle trails. Beautiful
as in that lib is outstanding...but F___, that was tedious.
Pyro's particle managing system was tempting but I feel
there all within reasonable limits assuming the map isn't
severely littered with petrol.
Aiming animation particles removed/reduced.

Explosion Animations:
Close to all weps now render explosion effects using
"p_animation", which is now required and included.

"Fire!" & "Watch This..." are muted during crosshair
type weapon launches. So....pretty much everything.
Originally just a temporary testing thing but it's
certainly nicer this way.

Wind versions of bazooka type weps are indicated by
a "~" in the wep panel and no longer have distinct icos.

Vampire Kaos Scheme:
Stabilized with new weapon assortment.
Added agility with more controllable object states.
ie. Drilling/InBetweenRopeShots/Powerflying
Added more states for ExTurnSide direction control:
ie. Roping/InBetweenRopeShots/Parachute.
Random portal & underwaterbomb generator.
Home button camera locker. Thanks StringKing for
including that in your master archive. It's been
very useful for testing.

All panel ico's now have smooth colored gradients.



Incorrect digging sprite sequence.
Homing Arrow:
No longer explodes with spacebar.
Clusters were incorrectly set to bounce and not
explode on oil drums.
No longer explodes if firing close to landscape.
Tele Arrow:
Implemented Rafa's revised "TeleNade" script that
"disallows" teleporting inside landscape. Nicely done.

Ninja Star:
Girder Launcher:

BowlingBall/Magnet/Crate/Turret/Tramp/Fan collision fix.
No more target objects falling through the landscape!
Thank you rafa for showing the fix method (wepfix).
Important: Remember to remove the javelin fix code
from your wepfix script as many things are differnt.

Bumper Bomb:
Baseball Bomb:
Snow Ball:
Battering Ram:
Drilling Crew:

Mine/BowlingBall/Magnets/Turrets/Fan collision fix.
Switched all collision masks to Circle style.
Worm damage fix.
Now plays a sound when a collision is detected.

Sidewinder Strike:
Missile clustlets exploding with main crate explosion.

Sprite Builder + Not Used + Cluster Fixes
The sprite builder transition from aiming to firing is now
smooth and seamless for weps that need "not used" be set at
2 but use either the bazooka or custom aiming animations. It's
basically a way to negate the worm throw animation but it also
smooths out the worm "jerking" forward after firing these types
of weps. The clustets of weps that are bazooka style, adopt the
characteristics of the main bullet they were ejected from, if
said bullet didn't sense enough "nothing" before exploding?
Something along these lines at least. It doesn't seem to effect
not-used 2 style weps, only very rarely. Regardless, it affected
almost all weps that eject clusters.
Prior to this version, sprite builder aiming sprites were also
used for firing animation to stop the throw from appearing but this
quick fix actually usurps alot of potential scheme "space".

The white bazooka aiming/picking sprites used for sheep launcher are
now overrided...however, fixes are included for weps that use these
animations such as Magnetic Missile, Burning Sheep Launcher. A
sprite builder white bazooka is applied so they still retain their
original appearance.

Early explosion:
Some timer weps would explode when their velocity
reached zero regardless of the set fuse. This happens
if weps use custom "number of bounces" alongside "8" in
the first unknown field of the bounce tab. I still have no
concrete label for those fields but I'm almost convinced
that their X Y bouncing/power/rotation offsets or something.
If Super Ascender clusters didn't have 90 in the first field,
they would bounce forever until fuse depletes. Unknown indeed.

Fixed wep/clusters eternally bouncing "in" magnets/trampolines
due to never being at rest to play their explosion sounds.
(worm heads/remote roller pieces/etc).

Sprite Builder now only uses two overrides for aiming
and bullets. I had hoped this was the reason for the
schemes getting overwhelmed on behalf of possibly too
many CTurnGame/CMissile overrides but it wasn't. This
change might make it a little more difficult to extract
certain wep resources for making "mini-libs" but ya.
Javelin/Digging fuctions merged.
All null blank script space(s) removed. The amount of KB
diminished was truly remarkable. Notepad++ FTW.
Blaster Worm now relies on sprite builder and no longer
uses an unnecessarily large (smooth rotating) bullet sprite
and yes, the sad irony of this statement is more than apparent
given my noobian history.



The Kaos and Test schemes included contain ALOT of scripted
features which can be switched on/off instantly; some of
which allow bypassing having to re-attach a wcs file with
modified rubber commands. They are very powerful. Thank you
Zed for agility; like ExTurnSide before it, the game is so
much more interesting with it.

A scheme is included that contains an easy way of ascertaining
the different sound numbers although in a somewhat legacy fashion.
It contains 3 scripts that control the playback speed of the
firing sound so depending on weather you want to sample at normal,
-50% or +50%, the two scripts reflecting the speeds you DON'T
want to hear will need deleting so remember to make a copy before.
The wep panel will show you the sound number. It's been truly handy.

Mini-Torch + Cloud Buster + Pillager are weps that "may" cause
framerate drops due to particle effects with transparency/randomness
being applied to a shit load of bullets simultaneously. The first 2
are more noteworthy but these are the "heaviest" weps in the lib.
Black background does help.

I never experimented with PX on windows XP until recently and
after trying out the lib in that atmosphere there was indeed an
error(s) I've never before witnessed. Don't know for certain but I
think it has to do with having scripted spaces in weapon names
as the error was multiplied "xx" times presumably reflecting
the usage of such spaces across the scripts.........Maybe...
Not a good practice to be sure but Win7 gives no such error(s).

Usprites:(Scheme Fix)
rafa devised a clever "trick" to override the sprite declarations
within the scheme file for the purpose of being able to "fit"
into one PX Scheme as much weapons/utilities as possible. Basically,
when the scheme is overloaded it becomes unstable. This being a large
library does induce the behaviour when the scheme becomes too "diverse",
especially while using more than one of the included guns which are 126
individual frames per gun. These by far usurp the most resources.

The script section now contains a "usprites" template meant to be pasted
into a PX Scheme that needs to unload some unused sprites. It's layed out in
such a way to easily discern which sprites can be unloaded and which weapons
that will affect. By deafult all sprites are loaded thereby "activating" all
weapons. Basically a PXS hotfix for the scheme to make more room for things.
It takes a little time to configure once your scheme layout is complete,
but it's well worth it as the Kaos scheme file included, which is
literally hovering just below the limit, doesn't work without it.
I've not tested it online but if it crashes or suddenly ejects to frontend,
it most likely means one or two more weps will need removing although I'm
pretty sure it's stable.

"How do I know if I need to do this?"

If things are not working properly in your scheme and quitting ejects
you to your desktop with a fatal error awaiting alongside nothing in the
error log, then using this method will fix that but within reason as again
the schemes can only handle so much.

Author:  Twicken [ Sun Aug 12, 2012 11:52 am ]
Post subject:  Re: All My Weps ( Unfinished )

*applause* very nice work dude, even without the sprites the weapons are pretty bad ass. i await your return so we can have a match of your c-pool or classic 150% speed px kaos ;). hey perhaps ill make some sprite sheet animations whilst your gone when i get some time :)

Author:  Twicken [ Sun Aug 12, 2012 11:56 am ]
Post subject:  Re: All My Weps ( Unfinished )

^with your approval of course :)

Author:  Curtis [ Sun Aug 12, 2012 12:31 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: All My Weps ( Unfinished )

whatever you wish Twicken...go nuts..

Author:  Twicken [ Mon Aug 13, 2012 9:34 am ]
Post subject:  Re: All My Weps ( Unfinished )

just letting you know, i created the drawing and aiming animations for your thumper grenade, took an hour, looks pretty good. ill upload them all when im finished.

Author:  Curtis [ Mon Aug 13, 2012 12:31 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: All My Weps ( Unfinished )

awesome thats great news.......i think I'm gonna make a new picture for this thread with check boxes beside each wep so ppl know which weps are "finished" and which weps still need the animations......gj Twicken can't wait to see...

Author:  Twicken [ Mon Aug 13, 2012 1:04 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: All My Weps ( Unfinished )

heh that probably wont be nesasary, i have already done, Baseball bomb, frag grenade and Thumper grenade. next up is the bumper bombs

Author:  Curtis [ Mon Aug 13, 2012 1:39 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: All My Weps ( Unfinished )

lol nice man.....ahh who was i kidding I will help you out prolly work on sum for the Critters i know crazy chicken got alot of good feedback so I will work on those ones....

Author:  Twicken [ Mon Aug 13, 2012 1:59 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: All My Weps ( Unfinished )

ahaha ok gotcha. well, ive completed, baseball bomb, frag grenade, thumper, and bumper bomb. i gotta catch some zz, but i will finish the nades and possibly gadgets tomorrow if u havnt already done em

Author:  Curtis [ Tue Aug 14, 2012 3:40 am ]
Post subject:  Re: All My Weps ( Beta )

sounds good...If i could air drop you sum red bull i would xP....If at sum point in the future we get most of these animations done I will over-ride all the sprites so the trails remain fuctional.....(sumtimes when i play with these the trails stop working half way through)...(does this happen to you?)...

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