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Px Last Man Standing
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Author:  Wormdawg [ Sun Mar 10, 2019 4:34 pm ]
Post subject:  Px Last Man Standing

Px Last Man Standing :shock:

Objective: Be the last worm standing on top of the map.

Rules: there are no rules!

This scheme uses a modified highlander scheme. I cannot remember who made the previous one. Credit goes to all over the PX community.
It is super important to always have glider, fast walk and swim for it at all times.

There are so many random things happening in this gamemode and the maps are scripted with various traps, teleports and things to make it interesting.
Probably the most fun game i have come up with for PX. I guess this must have been made in other variations before, but here is my take on it. Total chaos!

Would be cool to gather some PX gamers and try it out.

Map and Scheme Below! Good luck and have fun :D

File comment: Px Last man Standing by Wormdawg
PX_Last Man Standing By Wormdawg.rar [832.22 KiB]
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