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This structure desribes only general information about weapon.

struct CWeapon
   string NameA;
   string NameB;
   int Row;
   bool Remember;
   bool UseInCavern;
   int NShoots;
   bool EndsTurn;
   int RetreatTime;
   int Probablity;
   int Count;
   int Anim;
   EActivationType ActivationType;
   int Graphic;
   EWeaponType WeaponType;
   CWeaponLaunch launch;
   int GetPageIndex();
   int GetWeaponIndex(); //should be used with +2

NameA, NameB - two forms of name, in most cases they are equal.
Row - row index int panel.
Remember - will weapon be remembered or not.
UseInCavern - can this weapon be used in cavern or not
NShoots - number of allowed shoots per turn
EndsTurn - will this weapon end turn or not
RetreatTime - time to retreat after usage