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Introducing EAX

  • EAX is a compiled scripting language, this means that it is directly turned into machine code before being executed, allowing maximum performance.
  • Its name comes from the eax register used by Intel processors, and actually does not have any particular meaning.
  • Most of its syntax is extremely similar to C++, although the way classes are managed is drastically different.
  • The language has been created specifically for Project X and is still in an experimental state, some features might not be available yet, or have an unstable behaviour in some situations. You can report any bug encountered with EAX in the Bug reports section.

New to programming?

If you are entirely new to programming, learning EAX from this wiki might be a little tricky. Basic knowledge of C or C++ is recommended, and you should understand at least what variables, objects and conditional statements are. It is of course not strictly required, and keep in mind that EAX is not identical to C or C++, and has particular twists which might seem odd and unfamiliar.

Tutorials and examples

Theory Tutorials
A series of tutorials on the EAX language. Read this first if you are new!
Practical Tutorials
Various tutorials concerning many practical uses of EAX.
Code snippets
A bunch of useful snippets for various uses.

Reference manual

Class Reference
A list of every usable class in Project X, with their methods and properties.
Custom Libraries
Documentation for popular user-made libraries