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Project X doesn't only change the game logic to make things easier and better (for example, AFR and CBA rules on Shopper) or create new weapons for various purposes. With PX, you can also create new Schemes, also called Gamemodes, with a logic that wouldn't be possible with the original Worms : Armageddon.
PX comes with 5 different gamemodes. You can find them on the package or download them from The script's page.

Information.png You can post your own gamemode here. Just register and edit this page. Do not edit the gamemodes of the other players !

Authors :
Capture The Flag : Coding : Entuser
Wall to Wall : Coding : Ravander ft. Entuser
Jump Race : Coding : GranPC
Dodge! : Coding : Zed
Team Fortress 2 : Coding : Zed with scripts from Kilburn
Defend the base : Coding : Zed
Alien vs Marines : Coding : Zed with scripts from Entuser
Highlander : Coding : Zed, Twicken, Pyroman, Steps, Curtis, Kilburn, Entuser... Probably forgot someone.
Buy Mode : Coding : Zed.
Zombie Mode : Coding : Zed.
Parkour Mode : Coding : Zed.
HideNSeek : Coding : Zed.

Flag.png Capture The Flag

CTF is a modification of the original CTF game (see Instead of destroying the flag, you have to grab it and come back to your base without losing it.


PX CTF's gameplay doesn't have anything to do with the regular CTF. It's based on attack/defense and strategy.

Worms and Respawn

Each team is supposed to have 3 worms.
Question.jpg What is gonna happen if we kill the whole other team ?
Killing the other team won't do anything, since there's a respawn system.
After dying, your worm will respawn on his fort after 2 turns.

Respawn system logic

Let's suppose we have 2 teams, each one with 3 worms.

  • Red team worms are called : Sherlock, Holmes and Watson.
  • Blue team worms are called : Obiwan, Yoda and Skywalker .

Case 1

  • It's Sherlock's turn. Thinking it's a good idea, he attacked Obiwan with a grenade. Sadly, Obiwan was protected with a Magnet and the grenade came back to Sherlock . He died.
  • Obiwan killed Holmes with the Laser.
  • Watson will play 2 turns.
  • Sherlock and Holmes respawn on their fort (but they don't play yet).
  • Yoda plays.
  • Sherlock plays.

Case 2
The game started. Instantly, One of the players left due to a Network Drop.
The team against this player will not really get advantage because the other team will more turns than the other team.
Note that an update of the respawn system will come and the teams will be able to control the worms of the missing players.


CTF's weapons panel

CTF has a variety of defense and attack weapons. There is only one weapon panel.

  • Default weapons : Bazooka, Grenades, Fire punch, Prod, Parachute, Petrol, Girder, Shotgun, Uzi and Bungee aren't modified and will work like any regular W:A game.
  • Health : Gives 50 extra HP and cures if the worm is sick.
  • Windnade : Works like a normal Grenade, but is affected by the wind.
  • GravNade : Normal Grenade but more affected by the gravity.
  • Bowling Ball : See
  • Friendly Mines : Mines that will only explode if an enemy worm goes near it.
  • Sticky Mine : Mines that are launched and sticked to walls. They have very small radius and damage. 2 shots.
  • Magnet : Attracts or repels magnetic weapons (grenade, bazooka, mines, etc..).
  • Magnetic Missile : Launches a magnets (used to make aiming to a specified place easy for example).
  • Barrel Launcher : Launches a barrel. What else? NESPRESSO
  • Auto-Ballista : Attacks enemy's with arrows. Can easily be destroyed with laser.
  • Smoke Grenade : Especially useful on CTF with FOW. It disorients target for a few rounds.
  • Toxic Grenade : Makes the targets sick.

Question.jpg Is the girder destructable ?
Yes it is, even if the map is not destructible.
Information.png Feel free to change the weapons on this gamemode. But one tip : do not add the Hang Glider and Jump : they're really overpowered on CTF after testing.

Pxwxw.png Wall x Wall

WxW is a modification of WA original WxW (see Main thing that differs: Walls change color when touched.


Turn every wall from red to green, by touching them. Added px-weapons add a little spicy touch to the game too.

Jumprace.png Jump Race

Jump Race consists of launching your worms with the Jump Weapon to reach the end. You've got the Jump (weapon) which will launch your worm like a Bazooka.

Dodg.png Dodge!

Dodge! is racing PX Scheme. It is about dodging projectiles.
Made by Zed.


You need to dodge from various projectiles, using only JetPack!
On the way to the boss ull pass through more than 20 different waves.
Each wave is 10 seconds long.
This is very hard gamemode, its almost impossible to beat in one try without tool-assist.
Bugs: dont use GodMode, dont go too near to right wall.
Link: [1]

Project X RR

TF2.png Team Fortress 2

TF2 is 1v1 multiplayer scheme.
20 sec each turn
50 min round timelimit
Destructable map with random barrel placement
1 team vs 1 team (standart).
4 worms each team
Each worm 100 hp max
Each worm has a class. Classes selected automatically at the beginning of the game. Each worm has weapons according to his class.
Made by Zed.
Link: [2]

Classes abilities and weapons

FirePunch - standart
Select Worm - inf (all weapons are infinite)

Uzi - Max damage 42
Friendly Mine - standart, but team-sensitive
Parachute - he is the only paratrooper in the team :P
Passive - Healing Aura - its healing teammates around Captain, for 10 hp at the beginning of the turns of his team.
Passive - VIP - if Captain dies, your team will lose..

Bazooka - standart
Grenade - standart
MedPack - healing 25 hp for himself.

Sniper Rifle - 1 shot, 50 dmg, 100% accurate
Aim on reaction - special ability. When Sniper uses it, he is aiming after turn end, trying to catch an enemy. If the enemy will cross invisible line of Sniper's sight, Sniper will make 1 shot at him. The shot is dealing (40 - speed of the target) dmg.
Passive - Laser Sight - provides sniper with excellent precision.

Magnum - 3 shots, 12 dmg each.
TeleNade - teleports Engi at the position of exploding TeleNade.
Construct JumpPad (Cost 2 Metal) - Engineer makes a JumpPad, which has 15 hp and increases worm's jump's speed by 70% if the worm is jumping above it. Doesnt end turn.
Construct HoverPad (Cost 2 Metal) - Engineer makes a HoverPad, which has 15 hp and flying in the air. Doesnt end turn.
Construct Sentry (Cost 6 Metal) - Engineer makes a Sentry with 40 hp and 25 dmg per shot. Delay before each shot is 1 second. Please tell me if it's spread is too much.
Construct Disruptor (Cost 4 Metal) - Engineer makes a Image Disruptor with 20 hp, which stops and destroys all enemy projectiles around itself. Can work for 5 turns of the it's team (not including 1st turn).

About the Metal system
Each team will get 10 metal at the start. Metal is resourse used by Engineer to build stuff.
You can see number of the metal in the weapon table (for each class). Metal is updating at the start and the end of the turns.
You cant waste metal directly - even if the number in the weapon table will decrease, after updating it will be the same.
If you havent enough metal to build, your worm will just skip his turn.

For MapEditor, ive added MetalSpawnPoints, which will drop Metal Boxes, which can be taken by each worm. Every Metal Box contains 2 metal.
Metal box will respawn after 5 turns after being taken.
Bugs: Dont use select worm (dont press tab) if ur weapon table is open..

Dtb.png Defend the base

Dtb is singleplayer base defense scheme.
A mines in the world of Wormland have made the revolt against worms! Youre the last frontier, if you will give up, the Wormland will be conquered and all worms will be enslaved...
Made by Zed.
Link: [3]


Mines will attack ur base wave by wave (up to 10 waves).
They can explode you, or your base, so u must shoot and destroy them.
Also some mines have special abilities.
The weapon Fight used to proceed to the next wave.
1 team, 1 worm.

HL.png Highlander

Highlander is any amount of players multiplayer scheme.
Any number of teams, worms and any scheme settings are allowed.
Code of core lib by Zed, new weapons coding and other stuff by guys on the forums (Twicken, Pyroman, Steps, Curtis, Kilburn, Entuser, some other dudes i probably missed).
Link to Highlander (strategic) by Twicken: [4]
Link to Highlander 1.2 by Pyroman: [5]
Link to old Highlander [6]
Highlander lib is easy to customize to any set of weapons you want to play with.


Each worm gets his own weapon and non-weapon item. He only has 1x of each but both items are replenished at the start of each turn.
You also can steal other worm's items by killing them. This way your worm will grow stronger and stronger, until only 1 remains!
There's a lot of different Highlander schemes with different weapons.

AvM.png Alien vs Marines

AvM is 1v1 multiplayer scheme.
1st team is Alien and shall have 1 worm.
2nd team are Marines and shall have 3 worms.
20 sec turn time.
100 hp base.
All weapons doesnt end turn. But i added 1 second cooldown to all of them, so you cant shoot like a maniac with only handgun.
Indy map.
Code by Zed.

Starts weak, with no attack abilities, but has a power to become unbeatable as the time passes..
Goal: Defeat marines and not let them survive until help arrives.

Levels (you gain 1 each turn):
1) Mutate - basic passive ability, reveals new abilities at the start of the next turn, adds 25 hp.
2) Fastwalk
3-4) Empty level
5) Climb - allows to crawl upon walls and ceiling. Doesnt run off after the end of turn. Use arrow keys after activation. Hard to control.
6-7) Empty level
8) Bite - basic attack ability, deals 10 damage
9-10) Empty level
11) Carapace - alien gains 100 more hp.
12-13) Empty level
14) Acid spit - destroys mines, deals 25 damage from range
15-16) Empty level
17) Slash - attack ability, deals 50 dmg

Starts with some weapons, can gather more at different locations on the ship.
Goal: Defeat alien or call for help (you can do it at the Combay). After you did that, you should survive until help arrives (25 turns).

Starting weapons:
Knife - deals 10 damage
Plasma Pistol - deals 10 damage from range

Weapons that can be obtained on the ship:
Friendly Stun Mine - deals no damage, but stunning alien until the end of his turn. Alien cant move but still can attack everything that in range. Cant stun Marines at all. Has 0 timer.
To prevent Mine abusing, it primes only after 5 seconds after the start of alien turn (so you cant place it on the enemy head).
Grenade - standart
Plasma Rifle - deals 25 damage per shot, can shoot 2 times.
Medkit - heals 25 hp.

Also there are some devices on the ship, that can be used to your advantage. To use them, you have special ability called "Use Terminal".
Elevators - can be used by both sides. Elevators has two Terminals at the both ends to control it.
Communication Terminal - can be used by marines to call for help. After help was called Emergency Squad will arrive after 25 turns.
Equipment Fabricator - can be used by marines to get random weapon each turn.

Tactics (or how i see it should be played):
Marines should either start seeking alien as fast as possible to kill it, or run to the Combay to call for help and then play defensively.
Alien should hide until hes powerful enough to kill all marines.
Also you should remember where all important locations are, coz you know, with darkness mode enabled there is not much to see.
Link: [7]

BM.png Buy Mode

This pxscheme allows buying weapons during 1st turn of each player. Possible to play online, any scheme, any number of players.
Currently weapons allowed are all standart weapons. Pricing is done by me, feel free to modify it.
Code by Zed.
Link to Buy Mode (All Weapons): [8]

ZM.png Zombie Mode

Not exactly a gamemode, but ill post it anyway. Just a small fun pxscheme that makes dead worms zombies.
Zombies have distinctive green skin and 100 hp.
They can smell you and see you in some distance around them.
They also can jump really high, and can hit you with their claws, dealing 30 damage.
Walljump and Bhopjump from parkour mod with some changes included in this lib. Press Enter near wall to walljump, press Backspace near floor to bunny-hop.

You can play any scheme with it (imagine shopper, that would be hardcore!) and on any map.
You can add the lib to any pxscheme.
Updated, so it should work online just fine.
Code by Zed.
Link: [9]
Fixed lib - no crash once every worm is a zombie.

PM.png Parkour Mode

Its a Race scheme. I've added to worm some jump-based abilities, that you need to use in race.


Wall-Jump (Key to use: ENTER)
If the wall is close enough, the worm will make an additional jump in the air.

If the floor is close, the worm will make another jump with additional X speed. Can be used only while sliding.

Slide (SPACE)
Worm getting "Slide" state, allowing him to increase and keep SpX for some time.
If the worm used Slide while sliding, he will get Flying state, that allows him to stop upon connecting with ground.

At the start of ur turn you can read KeyHints in the chat, to remember what keys are doing what.
Round time: 50 min
Turn time: 20 sec
Indi map.
I've made three maps so far.
Code by Zed.
Link: [10]

HNS.png HideNSeek

Current rules (might change if i update this):
2 teams.
Turn Time is 20 seconds for Hider, unlimited (currently) for seekers.
Team 1 is hider, 1 worm. His goal is to survive X turns (depends on the map.).
Team 2 are Seekers, 4 worms. Their goal is to touch hider before he wins.
Team 2 always starts first. If Hider started 1st skip the turn pls.

Team 1 controlled in classic WA way.
Team 2 is controlled via giving them "orders", which will be executed automatically during hider's turn (so he will dodge in "real time").
Team 2 wins when one of the seeker's worms touched hider.

Info: Number of a team depends on it's place in lobby (eg highest one will be Team 1). As far as i remember at least. Colors might affect it too but im not sure. Just use red and blue to be sure.

Map is complex. Destructable. No mines, barrels. GodMode. No fall damage. Crates with random weapons will be dropped.

Orders will be made in a chain and will be executed one after another. Orders will be placed using weapons based on homing missile/teleport. Each worm will have their own chain of orders. Hider cant see the orders that were placed.

Parkour is allowed - walljumps only. No lose of control because of falling (so bungee will still work).
Weapons of hider:
Bungee - 2
Rope - 1
Fast Walk - 1
BlowTorch - 2

Commands of seekers:
Basic movement: move left/right.
Basic jumps: enter left/right, double backspace left/right.
enter can be used in conjunction with wall jump.
Tricks: repeated backspace, stop
Misc: remove latest command, select worm.

At the end of the hider's turn, all orders are removed.
It also recommended to hider not to look at the map during seekers turn, so you dont know what to expect.
Currently the lib is kind of wip, ill probably update this gamemode.
2 maps by me.

Some tricks:
You can place two orders in one place one after another to achieve some interesting results: you can make singular jump by placing Jump and Move commands consecutively into each other.

Additional Info: currently its recommended to rely on trust between players during a game of HNS, because there still ways to look at the map for Hider during Seeker's turn.
Example of gameplay: [11]
Made by Zed.
Link: [12]

30px Matti's Weapons Scheme

Seems like a new weapon scheme.


- Homing Bazooka
- Homing Holy Hand Grenade
- Donkey Armageddon
- Homing Meteor
- Super Grenade (Walkthrough Walls)
- Gas Grenade
- Homing Cluster Bomb
- Mole Armageddon
- Donkey Armageddon
- Donkey Strike
- Death Strike (Skull from Worms Aramgeddon - Sudden Death)
- Dynamite Strike
- Banana Strike
- Holy Hand Grenade Strike
- Arrow Strike
- Mortar Strike
- Drill Strike
- Mad Cow Strike (Fart)
- Crate Spy (Always ON!)

Link: Matti Weapons Scheme Update 1