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Project X (or PX) is a modification for Worms Armageddon which provides scripters access to various parts of the core gameplay elements, such as the game logic and weapons. Existing object classes can be altered, by overriding their methods to modify their behaviour towards certain events, and new classes can be created to add extra functionalities to the game.

Project X also adds DirectX 9 rendering support to the game, which grants the user with the possibility to render, rotate and scale 32-bit sprites in real-time.


Tools Documentation
How to use the tools and editors provided with PX.
EAX Documentation
The scripting language used by PX. Tutorials and reference guides can be found in here!
Post your gamemodes here!
FAQ & Troubleshooting
"omgee y i crash on star up"
Bug Reports
Found an erroR? Help us fix it!

Quick Reference