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Worms Armageddon class

Class name: CGame
Description: Contains various game information
Constructor: Not Available
Derived From: None

It contains information about chat, message handling and references to some network classes..
But most of them isn't declared yet.


class CGame
  CMQueue* queue;
  CMQueue* queue2;
  int curFont;
  CGameState* GS;
  CLandscape* land;  

Fonts: Fonts.png


  bool EnterToChat(CMQueue* queue, string message);

This fuction called when user types message into chat. Use it for hooking chat commands or for emulating entering text into chat by user.

queue - queue field of CGame, message - message.

  void WriteToChat(int fontIndex, string message, bool Unk);
  example: void WriteToChat(GG->curFont, "Anticheat online!", false);
  or GG->WriteToChat(GG->curFont, f, false);

This function writes to game chat directly. Use it for showing output of chat commands.