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Worms Armageddon class

Class name: CMissile
Description: Describes missile
Constructor: void CMissile(CObject* parent, CWeaponLaunch* ldata, CShootDesc* sdata)
Derived From: CGObject

Describes missile of any launching weapon.


int ActionType; //If you set this to 3, your charge will pick crates.
CShootDesc       initdesc;
CWeaponLaunch    launchdata;
int JumpAngle;  
int JumpForce;
int Timer;
bool IsFlying;
void Jump(int Angle, int Force);
void StartFly();
void Roam();
void ExplodeAt(fixed x, fixed y);

There are almost no known fields. Utils.pxl adds weap field, that references to weapon that fired missile.



void ExplodeAt(fixed x, fixed y);

Provokes explosion of missle at point x, y. Use it for custom explosions.